An African Inspired Education Marketing Service Company with a powerful punch.

Knowledge is your Superpower.

Book now to succeed in industry 4.0 and get the road map and tactical applications to thrive in 2018.

Boo-Yah! aims to put the kapow back into your marketing. Helping brands  create blockbusting strategies for all types of businesses. 

FUTURE-FIT your business with Boo-Yah!

No ego’s. No Jargon. No Geek Talk.

Our courses are designed to build Future-Fit Businesses for Industry 4.0


Each of our courses are meant to help people gain relevant skills in strategy

and new technologies without making tech intimidating.

You will have all of the TECHniques, structures, inspiration, road maps and tactical application

to improve your digital transformation and be a key player in the innovation space.

All our attendees will receive a Boo-Yah! Certificate of completion.

We are becoming the ”walking dead” professionals of our time.


There is a growing knowledge gap in business. We are aware of the changes

taking place and we know that we risk getting left behind if we don’t act.

By the end of our training courses you will be a tech warrior of Industry 4.0.

You will be FIT to survive the FUTURE. 

Attention is a finite resource and  therefore Boo-Yah! plans to deliver ”FUN”ducation.

"Carmen’s masterclass, was not only insightful but also really fun! What it achieved, was getting our team (if just for a while) to take our head out the ground and look beyond the obvious. To get a glimpse of progressive global trends and encourage big picture thinking. 

The case studies were relevant and exciting, bringing the concepts that were shared; to life. Carmen is a true leader in her field and the knowledge she imparts, is invaluable to any industry or company, big or small. Being part of the Virgin group of companies, one of our values is ‘smart disruption’, so the innovations presented resonated and inspired us all."

Anthea Henderson

Marketing Manager - Virgin Money SA


"We're in the business of embracing change. We want to help build the world of tomorrow with Innovation and Technology."

Carmen has become a household name among marketing professionals as a result of her inspirational ”masterclasses”. These sessions have reached thousands of marketers across SA.

Masterclasses inspire marketers to disrupt and delight addressing sessions such as Mobile Innovation, Gamification, the 4th Technology Transformation, Fueling Creativity and Applying Inspiration, Brand Purpose and where great ideas come from. Carmen’s big personality and presentation style can also be found on the airwaves on The WITEE Chatterbots Show (Women in Tech

Empowering Everyone).

Carmen has been a inspirational speaker at more than 100 events in 20 countries to a combined audience of over 21,000 people Industry Contributions include MMA, IAB, DMA, MRMW, AMASA, BOGDM, Brand Live, Social TV Education Contributions include GIBS, AAA School of Advertising, and an array of local and international business schools.  Carmen Is certified with the IDM and DMI.

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"Inspiring, food for thought, great energy. Makes you reflect and internalize the questions to take away and think about."


Ilsa Grabe - Heineken

"Don’t for one minute think that this will show you how to do your job. Carmen will blow you away with info from verticals in other countries that are yet to be brought to South Africa. With her high energy, passion and excitement for what she does, there is no one better to give you a personalized run down for you and your business."


Gavin Parker - Upstream Media

"I’ve really enjoyed interacting with Carmen over the last year or so but the highlight has been her Masterclass on the Fourth Revolution she came to do at GIBS. Her insights, examples and highlights were a great reminder for us to change things up. A year to be relevant and competititve. Thanks Carmen for your contagious energy, always!"


Fazlyn Toefie - GIBS

"Carmen is amazing, and super passionate about what she does. I am always happy to take time out of my day to attend these masterclasses."

Roxanne Kisch - Digitlab

"This is really well-thought, highly professional and very inspiring masterclass. I loved it. Carmen brings a lot of knowledge and experience and above all passion to the session and presents the content in an amazingly accessible way. Loved it"

Amanda Reekie - ImagineNation Alliance